FAFSA for DACA Students

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Presently, undocumented students, TPS, or DACA students, are not eligible to receive money through this application since a social security number (SSN) is required. However, there are other applications listed on the previous page that you may be eligible for such as state or college financial aid, in addition to private scholarships. Additionally, undocumented students are eligible to receive in-state tuition in Florida.

If you have DACA Status

Although DACA students cannot get money from the FAFSA application, they might sometimes be asked to complete the form any way so that colleges can see what their financial need is. If you are a DACA student and a college asks you to complete the FAFSA application, make sure that when asked about your citizenship, you report that you are an not a U.S. citizen, but that you are an "eligible noncitizen".

A Word on the EFC

If a college or scholarship application asks you to share your EFC ( Expected Family Contribution), know that this is a number that usually comes from completing the FAFSA application. The EFC is used to tell colleges how much money a student might be able to pay and they use this information to decide how much financial aid they are able to give to a student. DACA students can complete the FAFSA to get this EFC number to send to colleges and scholarship applications.

If you are a student who is not documented and does not have DACA status, you cannot get this number from the FAFSA application, so instead, if you are asked to report your EFC, you should use the EFC Calculator linked below to generate a number that you can send to colleges/scholarships without using the FAFSA.