The Path to Vocational or Technical Education

A tailored guide to vocational/ technical education for undocumented or mixed status families.

Interested in Vocational/ Technical Programs?

Here you will find what vocational or technical programs are and how they are different from other 2 and 4 year college and university programs.

A Word on Vocational/ Technical Education

Vocational and technical colleges are opportunities for students to study a specific career field and earn a certificate that will allow them to be eligible for work in that field.

These programs can usually be much shorter and more cost effective than other 2 and 4 year programs, which make them a great option for students who know that they're interested in one of these fields.

When looking for the right technical program for you, make sure to look for programs that are properly accredited to ensure that your certificate will actually allow you to work in the field (there are some non-accredited programs that are very expensive, so beware!).

Miami Dade County Public Schools offers a variety of technical programs at their technical colleges located throughout Miami Dade County. These are all accredited, affordable, and offer great career support services to help you find a job upon completion of the program!

Miami Dade County Public Schools has many great options for vocational and technical programs! With a variety of technical college locations throughout Miami Dade, it's easy to find a program that is close by and offers a line of hands-on study that matches your interests and needs. The best part is, you don't need to be a citizen to participate AND you can get financial aid to help you cover the costs!

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