The Right Fit

A guide to the perfect vocational/ technical program for you.

Step 1: What are the options?

Figure out which MDCPS technical college is closest to you and make sure that location offers the program you're interested in.

You can search the different schools and the programs they offer at the MDCPS Vocational/Technical Schools Website

Click the button to get started!

Step 2: Decide which technical college pathway is best for you.

Apprenticeship Programs

These programs are a great way to learn on the job! In other words, get paid, hands-on experience while you're learning! Visit the web page linked below to learn about these programs.

Career and Technical Programs

There are 10 program areas or "clusters", click on the Program names in the chart on the MDCPS website to see which locations offer those programs and other important program details.

Specialty Programs

These programs offer students an opportunity to focus their studies on a very specific career path of interest. Explore these specialty opportunities on the MDTC website.

Step 3: Register for your chosen program online!

Selected your program of choice?

Congrats! The next step is to sign up for your program! You can click on the "Register Online" button linked on the website's homepage to begin. Once you complete the form, you will be contacted by a counselor at your school of interest through email or phone to tell you about what the next steps are to get enrolled in the program!

They can also help you with financial aid questions and any other questions you have about that program.

Step 4: Financial aid

Figure out what kind of financial aid your program offers and how to apply for it by talking to a counselor at your tech school and visit our Financial Aid Page linked below.

Info about the new scholarship opportunity funded by ESSER to come....